Carley Studios offers professional bikini waxes in Port Elizabeth, using only the highest quality materials in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Our friendly, confident and well-trained beauty therapists are ready and waiting to help get you beach ready this summer.

bikini waxes in Port Elizabeth

Summer is Coming – Bikini Waxes in Port Elizabeth

Summer is fast approaching which means you’ll be spending more time poolside or on the beach. Because we believe that every body is a beautiful body, we encourage our clients to walk around in their favourite beach wear with undying confidence.

There is, however, a secret touch that we can add to this summer body cocktail, and that’s the perfect bikini wax!

Now, we know the idea of waxing sounds a little scary, but our professional beauty therapists ensure that you remain comfortable, safe and as pain free as possible from start to finish.

Whether it’s your first bikini wax or not, there is no reason to feel nervous. After all, a perfect bikini line makes for stress-free frolicking all summer long.

Waxing vs Shaving – Which is Better for Your Bikini Line?

Many women are too shy to go to a salon for a bikini wax and would rather stay at home and shave.

However, because shaving simply cuts the hair just below the skin’s surface, the result is quick regrowth, ingrown hairs, rashes and a prickly feeling for days after they shave.

Waxing removes the hair from the root, which means that you will stay smoother for much longer. Furthermore, the regrowth is soft and gradual.

Waxing also removes dead cells from the surface, so you’re getting a much-needed exfoliation at the same time.

Male Grooming Port Elizabeth

Contrary to traditional belief, waxing and other beauty treatments are not solely for women to enjoy.

Therefore, we offer various salon treatments for men, including waxing of the neck, back or chest.

Carley Studios Beauty Salon Port Elizabeth – Bikini Waxes in Port Elizabeth

Whether you prefer a full bikini wax, a Brazilian wax or just your bikini line, all our therapists are highly trained and skilled to ensure the smoothest, softest results.

We also offer a full range of waxing treatments from eyebrows to full legs. To book your bikini wax, or any other beauty treatment, please contact us.

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