Optoderm Micellar cleanser and toner


A natural micellar cleanser & toner with witch hazel and biomimetic moisturising factors.

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As its name suggests, micellar cleansers contain “micelles”. These “micelles” are microscopic clusters of cleansing molecules, suspended in de-ionised water. They are hydrophobic and oil-loving, grabbing and absorbing dirt and makeup, without breaking or upsetting the skin’s natural lipid barrier the way a foaming or rinsing cleanser does. Our micellar cleanser is alcohol, soap, ethoxylate and paraben-free. It can be used as a gentle make-up remover, or as a non-rinse cleanser for both sensitive and oily, acne-prone skins.

Skin Types:
sensitive, oily and acne-prone skins

Its strong antioxidant
Toning of the skin
kills bacteria within your skin pores and
prevents cellular damage resulting from oxidative stress.
How to use:
Use in the evening and/or morning. Start with two cotton pads soaked in micellar cleanser and apply to closed eyes for about 20 seconds. For stubborn mascara, fold a soaked pad in half and hold under the eyelid. Wipe downwards with another soaked pad. Do not wipe sideways or in a circular pattern. For the area below the eye, draw the pad out towards the outer eye corner. Apply the soaked cotton pad to your face. Start with your cheeks and work up to your forehead, then finish with your neck. Remove in the right direction: from the neck to the chin and from the nose to the ears. Focus on the T-zone (forehead, sides of the nose, mouth and chin).

Key Ingredients:
Witch Hazel

Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Water
Sorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside Crosspolymer
Methyl Gluceth-10
Sodium Lactate
Sodium PCA, Glycine
Citric Acid
Disodium EDTA

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150ml, 250ml

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