Carley Studios offers Swedish massages in Port Elizabeth which are known to offer many therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and improved circulation.

swedish massages in Port Elizabeth

Swedish Massages in Port Elizabeth – What is a Swedish Massage?

Although massage therapy is primarily for relaxation and stress relief, a Swedish massage also offers various other health benefits, making it a good choice for your next day of pampering.

A Swedish massage includes a number of specific techniques that are combined to provide optimal results.

Swedish Massage Techniques

  • Kneading the muscles to penetrate deeper into the affected area
  • Using cupped hands to rhythmically tap the affected area, facilitating relaxation
  • Long, sweeping strokes to loosen trigger points
  • Using fingertips to shake muscles back and forth to relieve tension in the area
  • Rapidly rubbing a muscle group with the palms to stimulate warmth and circulation to the area

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Increase in circulation

The type of strokes used by our massage therapists stimulate the body’s natural circulation system.

In this way, the body is prompted to activate the lymphatic system which is responsible for draining metabolic waste from the body.

Other strokes used during the massage help stimulate blood flow which speeds up the detox or waste removal process.


Standard Swedish massages last between 30 and 60 minutes, with intense focus on muscle groups that are particularly tense.

By loosening up the muscle tension, the body’s automatic response is relaxation. Furthermore, we provide a peaceful environment with calming music which further eliminates stress from the body and mind.

Decreased feelings of fatigue

Toxins can wreak havoc in the body and one of the results of accumulated metabolic waste is chronic fatigue.

With the elimination of toxins from the body using specific techniques, individuals may experience an elevation in mood and an increase in energy levels.

Pain relief

Swedish massages are also known to contribute to pain reduction, whether it be mild, acute pain or severe, chronic pain.

It’s also particularly beneficial for sport injuries and assistance with overall muscle recovery. Furthermore, joint pain associated with arthritis may also be alleviated through Swedish massages.

This massage technique also helps relieve back pain and chronic headaches.

Carley Studios – Swedish Massages in Port Elizabeth

We are currently offering vouchers for Swedish Massages in Port Elizabeth for a limited period of time.

To enjoy the many amazing therapeutic benefits of a Swedish massage at a discounted price, or to find out how to go about purchasing a voucher, please contact us.

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