Cold winter days call for staying warm and cosy with a glass of wine and snacks, so if you’re looking for indoor things to do in Port Elizabeth, join us at our studio on the 27th of July for an informative and interactive experience.

Port Elizabeth Events

We are really excited to be hosting this event, where you can enjoy an educational talk by Kalahari Skincare, a wine and canapé pairing by Bonnievale wines and an exciting demonstration by MUK haircare.

Kalahari Skincare by Carina Franck

Driven by her passion for Africa and all its beauty, Carina has developed a cutting-edge range of skincare treatment.

She draws her inspiration from the abundant medicinal benefits provided by the plants found in Africa and uses only naturally harvested botanical ingredients in all her products.

Environmental awareness is the cornerstone of Kalahari Skincare and Carina and her team make sure that the delicate African ecosystems are respected and maintained above all else.

Bonnievale Wines

For more than 500 years, the town of Bonnievale has provided some of the most fertile soil for wine production, along with many other environmental benefits needed to produce award-winning wine.

With more than 36 awards under their belt, Bonnievale wines are the furthest thing from average and they will be sharing some of their finest wines with us along with perfectly matched canapés.

MUK Haircare

A bold Australian brand which launched in 2006, MUK offers some of the best haircare products available today.

With 34 core range products, high-end electrical haircare tools, 5 specialist Argan Oil products and a full range of professional colour, MUK has every haircare need covered.

One of our favourite things about this brand is their commitment to cruelty free beauty. Every one of their products is PETA approved and is 100% not be tested on animals.

There will be a demonstration by MUK haircare which will highlight the amazing results offered by their products.

Special Guests

Joining as special guests, we will be welcoming the newly appointed Mr PE uberMANn, Chad Durrheim and Heinz in Style Mademoiselle PE 2019, Amarissa Henning to join us for the day.

This Saturday session is not only about listening to others share their stories, it’s also a chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, so bring along your business cards, questions and hunger for inspiration.

Carley Studios – Beauty Salon in Port Elizabeth

We love hosting special guests at our salon and sharing these events with the residents of Port Elizabeth.

Our aim is to support local businesses and entrepreneurs while providing a platform for people to share their success stories.

For more information about the event, or to book you spot, please don’t hesitate to contact us as spaces are limited.

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