Laser Lipo – targets fat cells like no other

Targeted fat reduction that shapes individual areas.
Non-Invasive, pain free with no down time.

Our Lipo Laser Treatment is designed to reduce unwanted fat without surgery.

Our Philosophy.


Our Lipo Laser Therapy is not just aimed at improving the appearance of body contours but also restoring youthful, healthy skin while minimising cellulite.The lasers used in this treatment are 3B cold lasers – they are non invasive and the treatment is pain free.

During your treatment, the lasers penetrate your fat cell membrane releasing liquefied fat (up to 425g of fatty lipids are released per treatment), causing the fat cell to shrink in size and resulting in less cellulite and stored fatty deposits.

This treatment is followed with an infrared session to ensure the liquified fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system which then breaks it down completely.





Safe and pain free.




No downtime.


Works for both genders.


Spot fat reduction.



How does it work?

The Cold low level laser can be applied directly to the skin. This laser device has been proven to have a clinical effect in two double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies.

Designed to reduce unwanted fat without surgery. The Laser penetrates 7cm through the skin to the 3rd layer called Hypodermis. A photochemical reaction takes place (lipolysis – breakdown of lipids) which changes the composition of the fat and allow the fat cell wall to become temporally permeable.

What once was solid fat (triglycerides), is now liquified (hydrolysed) into water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Free fatty acids are released into the blood and made available for cellular uptake.

The fat is then released into your interstitial fluid and flushed out by your lymphatic system.

The water is utilized or excreted, and free fatty acids are utilized in the body as energy or reabsorbed by other cells.

The glycerol is processed through natural metabolic functions. The adipose tissue is not removed, but significantly shrinks in size, resulting in an improved sculpted body.

A course of 8 treatments is recommended over 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week. One treatment with the Lipo Laser machine takes about 425 calories out of your fat cells.


The Process

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