Our beauty salon in Port Elizabeth offers an array of relaxing beauty therapies and treatments. From full body massages to our nail salon and facial treatments – Carley Studios is your one stop health and beauty salon in PE.

In addition to our beauty treatments, we offer slimming and weight loss treatments as well as our 3 Step Wellness Programme – a programme guaranteed to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Inbody Scan Treatment - 3 Step Weightloss Programme

3 Step Wellness Programme

Our 3 Step Wellness Programme includes:

  1. Inbody scan
  2. Laser lipo
  3. Infrared sauna dome

After losing weight and achieving your goal weight, maintaining your weight is often extremely difficult – our weight loss treatments are designed to help you achieve your goal weight and maintain it – without having to maintain a strict diet.

Inbody Scan

Inbody Scan - beauty salon in Port Elizabeth

The first step in our wellness programme is the Inbody Scan.

The purpose of the Inbody Scan is to help us find out how your body is built – this helps us select the best fitness plan to fit your specific needs.

The scan displays a visual representation of your data and history which easy to read and provides motivation for the design of your personal fitness plan.

It allows us to measure amounts and percentages of fat, muscle and water in your body, along with fat mass in each of the 5 regions found in your body.

You will then be provided with a document containing all of your results which will be used for future consultations.

After each scan you will be given an accurate analysis together with precise treatment recommendations.

By accurately identifying weight loss problems, we can promise results after only two weeks of taking part in our 3 step wellness programme.

Carley Studios – Your Slimming and Beauty Salon in Port Elizabeth

We will be explaining the next steps in our Wellness Programme over the next two articles. Our next article will focus on our Laser Lip therapy – a non-invasive, pain free slimming treatment that targets and reduces fat cells without the need for surgery.

For more information about our 3 Step Wellness Programme or to book your first Inbody Scan session, please contact us.

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